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  • Being a member of a grassroots movement for the improvement of quality of life of PLHIV in Zimbabwe
  • Being capable of being an elected official for offering strategic direction of the organisation
  • Being a priority person when there are benefits for PLHIV
  • Peer psychosocial support
  • Help identify people in need of additional services and providing feral services
  • Get support through services linkages in the community and health facility
  • Recognizes the meaningful involvement of PLHIV

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1. To Register using Ecocash dial *151#
2. Use Merchant Code 020978 for payment.
3. Copy the Ecocash Txn ID which is in the format of AB000000.0000.000000 to the Ecocash Txn ID field for verification.
4. Complete the form making sure to use valid phone number or email and click register now.
5. Once verification has been done you will be contacted.

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