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HIV Intellectual Property Amplified

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As PLHIV in Zimbabwe we realised that:

  • When ARVs are prescribed:
    • we just want to receive the best care possible.
    • the majority of us are unaware that intellectual property is a key underlying factor that can affect availability and effectiveness of the medicines we are taking
  • The funding opportunity will help improve PLHIV’s treatment literacy which will in turn improve PLHIV’s treatment.
  • We demand the best treatment through advocacy.
  • The support will help to improve public engagement between PLHIV, government, Ministry of Health and Child Care, National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe Intellectual Properties Organisation and pharmaceutical companies using the multi-sectoral approach.
  • The funding will also help us do strategic advocacy targeted at providing effective treatment

To address these outcomes the programme carried out the below mentioned activities:

  • Train provincial staff, CSOs and government departments on intellectual properties
  • Hold community-based trainings to raise awareness on intellectual properties
  • Produce and share user friendly IEC
  • Disseminate and share strategic information through national, regional and international servers
  • Publish bi-annual newsletter
  • Undertake provincial campaigns
  • Hold national dialogues in consultation with pharmaceutical companies, ZIPO and ARIPO
  • Hold national CAF meetings
  • Conduct research on intellectual properties