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Community Treatment Observatory

In Zimbabwe the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) funded Zimbabwe National Network of People living with HIV (ZNNP+) and Zimbabwe Young Positives (ZY+) to implement the Community Treatment Observatory (CTO) project based on their experiences and successes in West Africa. This is the monitoring of HIV and AIDS services by the recipients of care themselves.

Under the project data was being collected and reported on a monthly basis by the Community Health Agents (CHAs). They collect the data using both quantitative and qualitative data and their deliverables per month per health facility were 1 quantitative, 15 individual interviews and 2 focus group discussions with PLHIV.

The project was implemented in two provinces namely; Harare and Mashonaland East Provinces. The project was being implemented at 5 health facilities, 3 in Harare and 2 in Mashonaland East province. In Harare, the 3 health facilities were Budiriro, Hopely and Glenview Clinics and for Mashonaland East the health facilities were Kunaka and Beatrice Hospital.